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Sport DJ vVersion 31.8 APK for Android download

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Sport DJ is an application specifically designed for playing music at sporting events. It allows you to play exactly the

Sport DJ is an application specifically designed for playing music at sporting events. It allows you to play exactly the right song at exactly the right moment. While it was designed for Hockey and Lacrosse it is great for football and baseball and can be used for any event where music is played between or during play.
The application features 10 different playlist buttons for various events during the game such as for a home team goal, a good Save, a visitor penalty or goal, timeout, intermission, home team penalty, instrumental and after the player gets up from an injury. You can customize the button names for any events you want or to fit any other sport.
These buttons make it very easy to play an inspiring song like “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” when your goalie makes a great save or to play the Law and Order theme when the other team takes a penalty.
Pressing the stop button fades the song volume out gradually and automatically cues up a new random song to play. Many random song functions in other applications play the same song multiple times but Sport DJ will not play the same song within 2 hours unless all the other songs have been played at least once.
Songs can be set to start in at any point during the song allowing you to skip a song intro or to start the song at a specific set of lyrics. The songs can be set to fade in at this point in the song so there is no abrupt start to the music.
Chose from multiple styles of goal horns and add it to any song or even multiple songs easily. Simply select the song and set at what point in the song you would like to start. The song will fade in at the end of the goal horn.
Mix in a voice file with a song. This allows a mix of a professional introduction of your team or a sponsor promotion message mixed with music. Create an introduction with the player’s name, number and position with their own music for walk up music in baseball.
Sport DJ has basic help and even suggestions for what songs are good for each button playlist.
Sport DJ lets anyone do a professional job of playing sporting event music, regardless of if it is your kid’s minor league game or even a professional game.
To get a full idea of the capabilities of the app, please check out the how to video on YouTube at
Please note, Sport DJ does not work with streaming music services like Spotify or Google Play Music. You need to have the music files on your device. It is easy to get all music inexpensively at if you don’t already have the songs.

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