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THE KING OF BOARD GAME :LUDO GAMEWORLD !!!!Ludo is an exciting board game for kids,family & friends, in which the player

Ludo is an exciting board game for kids,family & friends, in which the player run their four pieces from start to home as per the dice rolls. Enjoy & re-play your childhood memories with this game on your cell phone. while playing game, the game might seem easy at first, the game is eventually enjoyable and challenging. It’s been very popular in many countries since king’s time, and now this perfect and well designed game can be enjoyable by morden era of the world.
KING was playing Ludo for pass time. King’s Family played Ludo for Give challenge to each other.
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Ludo Gameworld
is a cross platform game that supports online multiplayer mode in Desktop, Android and iOS platform at the same time. Bring your childhood memories back while playing this premium featured fabulous Ludo Gameworld with your family & friends.
Ludo is a four token based strategy board game for two to four players without partnership. Ludo game verifies its footprints by the 6th century in India. This game became more popular after being played by Mughal emperors.
Ludo board is specifically colored into four bright yellow, green, red and blue colors at special areas. Play board is square in shape with a cross-shaped play space. At the center of the board it has a large finishing square.
Ludo game can be played with two, three & four players in which each player starts with four tokens in respective starting squares. The player rolls of a single cube dice to round all four tokens in clockwise direction to reach the finishing square.
A player must roll a six to enter a token into play. If a player has no tokens yet to play and brings other than six then the turn passes to the next player. The player selects a token and moves it forward along the track of the number of squares indicated by the dice.
The player may choose to enter the new token to its starting square, or may advance to an already in play token. The play earns a bonus roll if he rolls a six. If the player earns third roll also as a six then player can’t move the token and the turn passes to the next player immediately.
If the player’s token finish on the square occupied by opponents token is returned back to the owner’s yard and this token will return into play when the owner rolls a six.
LUDO is famous with different names in different location and countries.
In North America, it is known as
In Spain, it is called
in Spanish and
in Catalan.
In Colombia, it is called
In Netherlands, it is called
In France, it is called
Le Jeu de Dada
or “Petits Chevaux”
In Italy, It is called
Non t’arrabbiare
In Sweden, it is called
Fia med knuff
In Greece,It is known as
Some Arabic Pachisi Variant like :
In Palestine, Barjis / Bargis
In Syria, Barjis(s) / Bargese
In Iran, Pachîs
In Vietnam, da’ ngu’a
In china, Fei Xing Qi
The following modes of playing are supported :
=> Ludo : Play with robot player
=> Ludo : Play with Real world players (online board mode)
=> Ludo : Play with local players
=> Ludo : Play With family members or friends(local mode)
Start playing Ludo via rolling the dice and have fun with beating your opponents and finish it for the highest scores on the board.

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