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This game is created by a Bangladeshi Indie Game Developer as a gift for all the Bangladeshi people. Every features in t

This game is created by a Bangladeshi Indie Game Developer as a gift for all the Bangladeshi people. Every features in this game is free and always will be.
******* Try to be first in leaderboard and win 10 thousand taka per month *******
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Note: You need to have a Facebook account to play this game. No fake account is allowed.
To play this game on desktop click here (doesn’t work on chrome for now)
PlayLudo is the first and the only ludo game which has all the Bangladeshi rules. This game from the very first moment will look and feel like a Bangladeshi ludo game we have grown up playing. But I didn’t stop there. PlayLudo also has a lot more unique features that no other ludo game has. It is the most intuitive, fun and feature rich ludo game ever created. Read below to know more about the features of this bangladeshi game. Or you can also read in details here
1) All Bangladeshi rules: And I do mean all. These includes 2vs2 match, support for joint token(jora guti), rolling dice out of board to miss turn, go out of path(paka guti kacha kora) and a lot more.
2) HandTrick: This is the most unique feature of this game. It is a power up like system using which you can move tokens(guti) very fast to avoid being caught in your opponents eyes. But if your opponent do catch you using HandTrick, he can use “Objection” to reset the token(guti). You will learn more about it in a tutorial once you reach Level 1. (HandTrick is an optional feature).
3) Socialising: Play and chat with other online players, make new friends or play with your Facebook friends.
4) Dynamic Bangla Support: PlayLudo is the only game that supports dynamic bangla typing. Which means this is also the only game where you can type and chat in Bangla. And your bangla name will never look broken. (This update was added on 21st February to honour our Mother Tongue).
5) Artificial Intelligent: Most intelligent computer bot ever created for a ludo game to play with you when no other player is available. Computer will also tease you sending msg based on the game’s progress.
6) Realistic Identical Dice Throw: Another unique feature for not just in a ludo game but any dice throwing game. The dice are thrown exactly like in real life and the way dice rolls will look exactly the same across any devices for any players. So if you type in chat “Ah, I was so close to get six this time” other people will also understand.
7) Tutorial: Interactive tutorial in Bangla and English to understand the game completely.
8) Prize Money: Prize money is given twice every month based on the “Bi-Monthly Leaderboard”.
9) Fully revamp user interface for mobile version for user friendliness and Intelligent Zoom to help play in smaller screen.
10) Loads of other features like quick join, reporting, mute players, match spectating, dice probability etc.
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To know anything about the game contact me on PlayLudo’s Facebook page at

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